2022 International Conference on Green Energy and Power Systems(ICGEPS 2022)
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Theme include, but are not limited to:

Power Systems

Power Systems and it's Automation

Power System Modeling, Simulation and Analysis

Power System Planning and Scheduling

Power System Protection, Operation and Control

Power System Reliability and Security

Power System Stability

Power IoT

Measurement Technology and Instrumentation

MEMS-Microsensors and Structures

Sensors and Micro Machines

Transmission and Distribution Systems and Equipment

Electric Drives and Applications

Electric Vehicle Technology

Electric Motors, Power Electronics and Industrial Applications

Electrotechnical Materials and Processes

Electric Traction Systems and Control

Information Technology Applications

Intelligent Control Systems

Intelligent Systems and Methods

Inverter and Converter Technology

Energy and Development Technology

Clean Energy Technology
Distributed Power and Clean Energy Generation, Grid Connection and Control Technology 
Energy Storage Technology 
Green Energy Development Technology

Sustainable Coal Utilization and Clean Coal Technology

Natural Gas Hydrate Development Technology
Renewable Energy Development Technology
Geothermal Energy and Hydrogen Energy Development Technology

Other related topics