2023 2nd International Conference on Green Energy and Power Systems (ICGEPS 2023)
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Poster 1:

Title: A full-automatic test system for the intelligent substation based on GOOSE/SV signal simulation

Author: Yongxin Chen, Hengxuan Li, Gang Yang, Yeqing Xiao, Hao Wu, Junjie Shi, Chongxiang Chen


Poster 2:

Title: Analysis of Low Temperature Anti-Cracking Property of Epoxy Materials for Cable Intermediate Joints

Author: Jian Qiao, Li Yin, Chong Zhang, Wei Yang, Yanfeng Gao, Zhenyu Li, Yi Lu, Jianfei He, Youwen Chen, Yang Lv, Kun Wang and Yun Chen


Poster 3:

Title: Thermal runaway difference between fresh and retired lithium iron phosphate batteries under overheating

Author: Cong-jie Wang, Shu-ping Wang, Fei Gao, Chang-hao Li, Yan-li Zhu